La Barca di Dante | The Boat of Dante

“La Barca di Dante” is a kind of artist’s statement in which personal fantasies and nightmares are translated into a universal language. Dante describes Charon as the ferryman of Hades who carries the souls of the deceased across the River Styx. Lucio depicts him as a winged demon with eyes of fire. The boat is a solid mass executed in wrought iron, in contrast to the boat in the later "Barca dei Dannati".

Lucio’s study of bodies in movement or in theatrical poses reflect his interest in the dynamic forms of Baroque sculpture. Lucio still recalls his days as an altar boy in the church of San Donato on Murano when he would scrutinize the Baroque altars (removed during recent restorations) and statues “that seemed to climb up the walls.” He found the body’s expression of emotions through tension and contortion echoed in an old book of Greek sculpture belonging to his parents. He would leaf through it, earmarking the images that impressed him the most for their physicality, especially late Hellenistic sculptures such as “Laocoön and his Sons”.

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