La Barca dei Dannati | The Boat of the Damnd

“I believe that the way in which the concepts of good and evil are traditionally taught suffer from ambiguity. In both ‘The Eternal Temptation’ and ‘La Barca dei Dannati,’ I did not want to convey real suffering and torture. The Damned dance a sensual dance, which for me is a way of drawing attention to the attraction of forbidden fruits and sin, or the ever-present weakness that we are led into by temptation. This kind of seductive physicality is conveyed by the colours used, dark purple for flesh, dark metal bronze for the flames that form the boat.”

While working each figure, Lucio must consider each element as belonging to a jigsaw puzzle, simultaneously a unique piece and part of a whole. As he models each figure, he sees a place for it in the overall scheme of things. When watching him work, one notices that his quick body and hand movements reflect the very movement he is imparting to the glass. The theatre in the act of creation is reflected in the work of art itself, the making as much a dance as the end result.

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