The Boat Project

Composed of three pieces, this early version of a series of boat projects closely relates to the centre figure of the large installation "Eternal Temptation". Like “La Barca de Dannati”, “The Boat Project” is based on a personal traumatic experience. Formally, there is a resemblance to the “Eternal Temptation”, since it too is threefold. This piece might also suggest the three parts of a traditional altarpiece triptych.

During the 1990s, Lucio’s work is larger and more ambitious; with the introduction of goblet stems that extrude horizontally, he is able to create a scaffold that supports a “tableau vivant”. As variations on the elaborate stem of the traditional Venetian “wing glass”, these goblet compositions can reach up to 120 cm in height.

Lucio’s work combines virtuoso technique and a theatrical narrative closely akin to choreography. It is both dramatic and playful, with all the magic of ballet or musical theatre.

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