Il Lago dei Cigni | Swan Lake

Over the years, Lucio’s research has influenced his subject matter. Of these, Greek mythology and the Commedia dell’Arte stand out, especially for their themes of metamorphosis and transformation. His subject matter is often erotic; his exquisitely sculpted detailed figures are balletic, full of energy and life.

The superstructure of this chandelier denotes the supernatural, like some sort of celestial canopy. The large composition conveys a nightmarish scenario, an embodiment of the torment of the artistic soul. Its white winged mystical figures - half animal, half human - dance round in a frenzied circle.

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's “Swan Lake” provides the conceptual foundation for Lucio's dreamlike chandelier. Siegfried and Odette together with her maidens, turned into swans by the evil Von Rothbart, are spinning in an ecstatic dance on what appears to be the surface of the lake formed by the tears of Odette's parents.

The rhythm in gesture is as important in sculpture as rhythm in music. If it is not felt instinctively, neither composer nor sculptor can hope to succeed. Movement here is not confined to the bodies’ torso, arms and legs.

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