Mythological Chandelier

I.R: “… Like a Renaissance artist, Lucio Bubacco has the ability to work with raw material using a neat and abstract process, almost more like a sculptor than a lume glass master, extracting bodies and faces, expressions, humanity’s broad emotional range where, above all, what emerges are lines, features and profiles.”

L.B.: “Greece is an obvious trait de union for all my projects, although I have never visited the country.

(From an interview by Ilaria Ruggiero in the online journal Piercing Eyes).

The Hellenic world of symbols is the origin of all Western artistic inspiration: already in the Renaissance and in the Baroque period, the great artists were inspired by that historical period and that is where my art finds direct inspiration. I like the origins of that period, I don’t like imitations and in my figures there is a strong connection to that period.

In recent years, I have often travelled to Turkey. There I visited numerous archaeological sites and was privileged to be invited by the site director to witness some excavations.

Pompeii and its events have also inspired me. The theme of volcanic ash, for example, was a major source of inspiration, especially the idea of ‘stopping’ the body in an instant in time.”

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